Introduction to OGR

OGR Stock Denton is a long-established law firm based in London and one of the few which is able to resolve family law matters through arbitration.

Whilst it is anticipated that most arbitration matters will be referred via another solicitor, we are also able to arbitrate where the parties are acting in person.

Peter Martin, the head of our family law department, has over 40 years experience as a family lawyer and has been a mediator since 1990. As such he is well used to hearing both sides of family disputes and has the experience to make reasoned and fair decisions. Peter is also one of the first to become a Family Law Arbitrator able to deal with both Financial issues and matters concerning children.

For more information about the arbitration process, please visit the sections under our services.

If you query relates to another family matter then please visit the family page on our firm’s main website.

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